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Smarty Pets Mobile Grooming

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Mobile Grooming in Metro Detroit

Why Choose Mobile Grooming?


Comfort- Your pet will never have to leave your property. Separation anxiety, carsickness, cages, other barking and stressed pets, and long grooming durations are completely avoided with our service. Our service is perfect for elderly, anxious, and dog aggressive pets!


Convenience- We bring the salon to you! Our service is perfect for busy pet parents. Your time is freed up while we groom your dog right at your doorstep. Using our services lets you avoid back and forth trips to the groomer and waiting around all day for your pet to be finished (most appointments are finished in 1-2 hours). We can even groom your pet when you are not at home after meeting you and your pet! Imagine saying goodbye to a dirty, smelly, scruffy pet in the morning before work and then coming home to a clean, fluffy, fresh pet.

One on one attention- Your pet will receive our undivided attention. Brick and mortar grooming salons have multiple pets at one time… your pet will have its bath and then be put in a cage with a dryer. While your pet is drying the groomer will have another dog in the bath… it is sort of an assembly line type of thing. We value quality not quantity. This provides your pet with a sense of calm, shortens the duration of the grooming process, and is much safer.

Safety- There are many horror stories about pets being injured or even dying during their grooming appointments. The majority of cases involve cage dryers, dogs being left on a table alone with a noose on, and falling from the top cages in cage banks. None of those things are involved with mobile grooming! We hand dry every pet, never leave them alone, and give them the one on one attention they deserve. Your dog will not be exposed to other pets, avoiding disease and parasites. Stress is minimalized. Your groomer is Pet CPR and First Aid certified just in case there is an emergency during the grooming session.